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Advancer Tina (1996) Full Movie

Advancer Tina
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As Mankind expands out into the galaxy, new colonies are created under the control of the Earth government. For the outer planets, however, space is governed by no law. Tina Owen has been sentenced to 2000 years in jail, with only one chance to redeem herself, by investigating the mysterious planet Omega 13.

TitleAdvancer Tina
Duration45 minutes
Release DateAug 26, 1996
Genres, ,
Production Company,
Production CountriesJapan
Plot Keywords
Tatsuo Watanabe
Executive Producer
Yudai Amachi
Executive Producer
Hironobu Saitou
Character Designer
Kenji Teraoka
Mechanical Designer
An Fuu
Tarou Miyabe
Shigeru Yamazaki
Kan Fukumoto
Kan Fukumoto
Hironobu Saitou
Animation Director
Wataru Amano
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